Global Climate Change

Is our climate changing?

It is not hard to find a person in the middle winter making a wish that global warming was actually happening so that they did not have to shovel their driveway, but that same person will probably be the first one to complain once the weather starts to warm up in the summer as well. This is just one misconception about the reality of climate change and how it actually impacts our planet. Let’s take some time to look at some of the causes of climate change as well as how it has already changed the climate of our world.

What causes climate change?

Climate change is caused by a variety of factors, but the majority of that change comes from our own interaction with the resources of our planet. One of the main causes of climate change comes down to the amount of carbon emissions that we generate by burning fossil fuels to produce energy in various forms. Burning coal and oil creates a large amount of carbon to enter the atmosphere. This increase carbon level causes problems with the heating and cooling of the planet. While sunlight is able to reach the planet, there is a less effective release of heat energy because of the higher carbon levels. This is leading to a global increase in temperature that is hard to combat with a short term solution.

Is the only problem with higher temperatures?

An increase in the global level of heat causes larger problems. First we have observed an increase in water levels because the polar ice caps are melting. This is a slow process because of the amounts of ice at the caps, but it is increasing in speed. As that ice melts and the water levels rise, we have noticed a huge issue with changes in weather patterns caused in part by these higher water levels. We are seeing this with massive hurricanes that have hit over the summer and caused extreme damages wherever they have hit. The changes in the global climate are also causing shifting weather patterns around the world and leading to issues with droughts and wild fires around the globe. These disasters are just a part of the difficulties that are arising because of the global climate changes that we are experiencing.

How can we combat global climate change?

Turning back the impacts of global climate change are going to take a lot more effort than just recycling and turning off the lights that you do not need, but there are ways that individual people can lead to a larger scale change that can reduce larger disasters.   Here is a list of ways that you can fight the global climate change that we are experiencing. The list will progress from individual actions up to group efforts that you can participate in.

  1. Increase your energy efficiency.

When you are using your electronic devices or your car or some other forms of technology, you need to be aware of how you are using them. Keep the brightness on your screens turned down so that you use less energy and find times that you can walk instead of driving to reduce the amount of gas that you are using. You can also replace outdated equipment in your house to increase the energy efficiency of them.

  1. Reduce that amount of waste that you generate.

One of the biggest issues that we face is the amount of waste that we generate. Just consider the packaging that you have when you go shopping and how much of that is just thrown out once you are done with it. This can cause landfills to fill up as well as using massive amounts of fuel to move it from place to place.

  1. Shop locally.

When you look for food options closer to home. then you provide more than one benefit. First you are supporting a local farmer and bolstered your local economy, but you will also have the added advantage of reducing the need for truck and planes to ship food stuff to you since you are spending your money on a local level.

  1. Start composting your left over food.

We were talking about landfills and reducing your waste, but what about your food waste. If you throw it in the trash, then you are just adding to the landfill problem, but if you find a way to compost your food waste instead, then you cut down on the landfill issue and also provide a benefit to your yard since you can use that composted materials to fertilize your yard if you want to.

  1. Start some local efforts in your neighborhood.

If you work together with your neighbors that are interested in reducing the impacts of global climate change, then you can have a larger impact. You could start a neighborhood composting effort as well as find ways to carpool to reduce using too much fuel. While it may not seem like a much larger effort, when you start working with your neighbors, good things will happen.

  1. Join a larger effort.

Once you start looking at the larger organizations that are working to combat climate change, you will see that there are many people out there with the same concerns that you have. Joining a national or global community will allow you to work with others around the world to fight the changes that we are experiencing. When you join a larger organization, you will be a bigger impact on the world.

When we work together to take a stand against the changes we are seeing in the global climate, you will find that we can start making a difference the can have a larger impact on the way we interact with out planet. By working together, we can bring a positive change to our world and cut down on the global climate change that is breaking our world apart. Start your battle with the global climate change today.

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