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Can Mold Grow in Space?

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Mold and fungus can be found anywhere and everywhere. Your favorite pizza or gooey grilled cheese? Mold. Those amazing button mushrooms at the Japanese restaurant down the road? Fungus. How about the corner of the shower in our bathrooms? Mildew. Although most of us like to believe that fungus can only grow within damp [...]

Why Teachers Should Consider Creating Project-based Inquiry Learning Centers In Their Classrooms

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Project-based inquiry learning is known as PBIL for short and it's designed to boost the achievements of students who are studying STEM topics. Today, we want to share information about what PBIL is and why it lends itself to enhanced student understanding of STEM subject matter. While the material in this blog is suitable [...]

Get The Inside Scoop on Robotics and Engineering ePDN for NASA

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Are you interested in the latest ePDN technology from NASA, as it relates to robotics and engineering? If you are, you'll enjoy this detailed guide. We're going to share information about this type of technology today. It's ultra-modern, high-tech and interesting stuff! NASA Offers Pro Development Network Courses In winter of 2011, NASA publicly [...]

NASA’s BLiss App for iPad Helps Aspiring Astronauts  to Plan Plant Crops for Space Missions

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Contemplating plants is one way to contemplate our own heritage. Ten or twenty years ago (less if you're living on a working farm), your family's ability to survive and thrive was connected to skillful cultivation of plants. Nowadays, we usually purchase our veggies from grocers. When we do buy them, instead of growing our [...]