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FIRST LEGO League Robotics Tournaments

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Written by Kendyl1631
07 Dec 2011

Across the country students have participated in the FIRST LEGO League robotics: Food Factor Challenge. This challenge involves students in researching about food safety issues, such as contamination and spoiling, and finding solutions for these issues. On December 3rd, 2011, Ripley High School hosted the West Virginia FIRST LEGO League robotics state tournament. A total of 350 students, split up into teams participated in this event! Read more about the tournament on:

West Virginia’s Public Broadcasting site’s article: State Lego robotics tournament brings hundreds to Ripley High. Also make sure to listen to the audio file that is provided in the article.

West Virginia Gazette’ article: Robotics in Ripley.

Center for Educational Technologies article: Morgantown Youths Repeat as State Robotic Champs.

A major part of the FLL Tournaments is its core values:


Teams are judged based upon how they present the above core values, a project, and robot game. The project portion asks team’s to identify and research a problem that needs solving, and then present their findings. The robot game is where they design and build a robot to complete a set of tasks on a playing field. To learn more about FLL, their core values, and tournament judging visit the FIRST LEGO League website or the FLL Wikipedia page.

The number of FLL tournament participants has been generously increasing over the years. Mount Washington Middle School, in Kentucky hosted a tournament and was able to double its size in participants from when they first started four years ago! Central High School, in New Hampshire had about 52 teams that participated. Take a look at the chart below created by FLL to see the team growth over the years:


A celebration of the FLL season ends with the FLL World Festival in St. Louis, Missouri. Regions are selected by lottery to send their 1st Place Champion’s Award winning team to the World Festival. Learn more about the World Festival at FLL Official Event Info.

For more articles about the WV Tournament visit NASATalk’s blog: WV FLL Robotics Tournament.

Last update (07 Dec 2011)


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