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Activity 12 & 13: Programming Data Logging Missions

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Written by HTownRobotDiva
12 Apr 2012
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Title: Programming for Data Logging Missions

Activity Proposer/Blogger: Jane Taylor, President of Educational Robotics Consulting Firm Bot Shop LLC and Director of Tech It Out Robotics Summer Camps

Duration: One to two 45-minute periods

Content Area: Mathematics and Science

Targeted Grade Level: 5-8 and 9- 12

National Standards:

Abilities of technological design and Understanding about Science and Technology

Nature of Scientific Knowledge

Materials: 1 NXT Microprocessor (NXT Brain) per 2-4 students, 1 Computer with NXT-G version 2.0 or  Higher software per student, 1 USB download cable per NXT Brain, Blindfold

Background Information

Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the vision system to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands in the accomplishment of a given task, such as clapping or pushing a button. Hand-eye coordination uses the eyes to direct attention and the hands to execute a task.

In this activity, students will investigate the effects of blind folding on the number of claps a person is able to complete in a given time.

Learners will be able to

  • Configure a new experiment using NXT Data Logging
  • Collect data using a sound sensor
  • Analyze data on a graph


1. Introduction to Data Logging- How to create an experiment?

2. Hands and Eyes Coordinated – Experimenting with sound

3. Analyzing Data in the Data Logger

Tags: NXT (8) , LEGO Robotics (3) , NXT Robot (15) , NXT programs (5) , NXT Robotics (17) , Educational robotics (2) , NXT programming (10) , LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT (5) , LEGO NXT (7) , Robotics courses (2) , LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics (3) , robotics coaches (1) , nxt data logging (1)
Last update (12 Apr 2012)


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Activity 12: Programming Data Logging Missions
Written by: Jane Taylor On: 12 Apr 2012

Activity 12

Attachment: 1334264321_TECH IT OUT Level 3.0.pdf (Size: 617 Kb | Hits: 639)

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Activity 12: Programming Data Logging Missions
Written by: Meri On: 12 Apr 2012

What GREAT instructions! Thanks so much!!! Wink

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Blind-folding Activity & data logging
Written by: Meri On: 12 Apr 2012

Hi, Do you have a link to the procedure for this activity or can you attach the file to your Activity?

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