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PBIL_Pic_-CollaborativeAre you interested in integrating more Project-Based Inquiry lessons into your instruction?  Do you want to join a Professional Learning Community that will support this classroom vision?  This collaborative will foster discussion on how to design and implement Project- Based Inquiry Learning (PBIL) in your classroom to improve achievement in STEM education.  It will also allow you to share ideas in curriculum design and the integration of technology in Project-Based Inquiry Learning. This collaboration is a primarily a tool for previous and present participants of the Project-Based Inquiry Learning: Science Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century certificate program, however it is open for all STEM educators interested in learning more about PBIL.

Go to Project-Based Inquiry Learning - ePDN Blog

Group Announcements

  • #PBL Chat tonight on Twitter!!
    Join the #PBLChat tonight on homework in PBL on Twitter at 9pm EST ---just complete a search #PBLChat on Twitter to Join.
  • ePDN PBIL Course 3 begins tomorrow!!!
    Course 3 of the ePDN Sequence begins tomorrow!!! I hope you are excited to collaborate and implement your PBIL plans!! Make sure you log onto T-Square tomorrow to learn about the exciting activities in Course 3!!
    AT 4pm - Go to the Robotics Collaborative Site for the Chat:
  • PBIL and Robotics LIVE CHAT with Storm Robinson!!!
    Tomorrow, Thursday, January 24th, Storm Robinson and I will have a live chat from 4:00-5:00pm about the integration of Project-Based Inquiry Learning and Robotics along with strategies to overcome obstacles in implementing innovative curriculum!!

    Here is the link to the chat:

  • Technical Difficulties
    We seem to be having some technical difficulties with the chat! We will reschedule to a later date to make sure we have the full hour!
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