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Exploring Space Through Math – Educator Badges – Earned Through Posting Helpful ReflectionsThis discussion forum provides the activity developers and other educators with helpful suggestions regarding various NASA activities. Educators have a choice of reflection topics to assist others preparing to teach the activity.

Technical Details
Perform and teach the activity. Create a login for NASATalk and log in before beginning your educator reflections for the educator badge corresponding to the activity.

Your submissions will either be in the form of comments to a “Group Article”, or as a new Group Article. In each case, please change the title to be specific to your submission (e.g., Lunar Rover Pythagorean Theorem Miscalculations) so that it is easy to find by scanning the titles.

Upon evaluation review of your required submissions, you will be directed to a website to collect your educator badge.

Group Announcements

  • Criteria to Earn Badges
    To Earn a Badge, 1 and 2 below are MANDATORY PLUS ONE CHOICE from 3 after selecting the Activity you have taught from the list under Group Articles/Topics for Discussion. Your posts will be comments within the Group Activity in response to the given prompts.

    1. Provide a portion of a student paper demonstrating a common error (with all identifying content removed). Provide a clear description of the error. [NOTE: If you have performed the activity, but not taught it yet, you may turn in an example of one of your own mistakes as the student paper with the “common error”.]

    2. Reflect on a method or two that will help the student overcome the error and succeed with future, similar problems.

    3. Reflect upon ANY ONE of the Following Topics:

    a. Describe the prerequisite concepts students must grasp to succeed in this activity.

    b. State recommendations for other educators to prepare them to teach this activity.

    c. Describe how you would change the way you teach this activity in the future.

    d. Describe what you like best about this activity in terms of what students learn by doing it.

    e. Describe an idea for preparing students for performing this activity.

    f. Describe an activity that is a logical follow up upon successful completion of this activity.

    g. Discuss learning differences you observed among your students as you taught the activity.

    h. Describe how to effectively bring this activity to closure.

    i. Reflect upon a topic of your own choosing related to the teaching or learning of this activity. This might include making a significant and polite reflection to another educator’s comment that might assist other educators in their teaching practices.

Group Articles / Topics for Discussion

Group Weblinks

Group Files