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The purpose of this collaborative is to facilitate the improvement of the process whereby education project plans are developed, maintained, and routed through the established channels.  The goal is to transform project plans into dynamic representations of a project's characteristics, implementations, and life cycle.  Project plans in their current state represent .more of an archive of  boiler-plated monuments to a project's history.

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  • WebEx Training Overview
    Posted by Bob Starr 2/23/2010. Restored verbatim.

    NASA Education, Exploration Directorate, and NASA APPEL March 2010 Purpose: The purpose of this WebEx is to provide feedback, guidance, and answer FAQs on developing NASA project plans that adhere to the requirements of NPR 7120.7 NASA Information Technology and Institutional Infrastructure Program and Project Management Requirements. This specific event is designed to continue and accelerate an on-going emphasis by NASA HQs Education to apply project management training and development resources to increase Education Project Manager capability to create approvable comprehensive project plans that meet the criteria set forth in NPR 7120.7. Training Objective: Increase the understanding on the part of NASA Education Project Managers of how to create a successful NASA Education Project Plan. Methodology: Use a WebEx session to conduct an online training activity that analyzes and synthesizes characteristics of successful project plan through the use of approved examples from Education and other NASA Mission Directorates. The WebEx will consist of: • Prerequisite analysis of 2 example project plans from Exploration Directorate and APPEL experts. • Prerequisite completion of a Project Plan quiz. • Prerequisite development of FAQs for submission to experts. • WebEx session decomposition of success criteria and discussion from prerequisite activity. • WebEx feedback from Exploration Directorate on submitted Education Project Plans. • Reinforcing derived success criteria with NPR requirements. • WebEx open session exchange with Exploration experts and Education participants. • Review of quiz answers. • Follow-on requests and agreements. Logistics: • Determination and approval of length of session, purpose, objective, methodology, and assignment of responsibility for implementation and logistics. • Set milestones and reporting schedule. • Selection and tasking of Exploration and APPEL experts. • Final list of participants and observers. • Scheduling and technical support of WebEx session. • Announcement and notification of activity and expectations to experts and participants. • Submission and distribution of prerequisite project plans. • Development and distribution of NPR 7120.7 quiz. Process Tasks: • Facilitation and capture of analysis and comment on example Education Project Plans by experts. • Facilitation and capture of analysis and comment on practitioner example project plans by participants. • Facilitation and capture of discussion on FAQs. • Facilitation of decomposition of success criteria from prerequisite activity. • Facilitation and capture of discussion on submitted Education Project Plans. • Facilitation and capture of discussion on tying success criteria to NPR requirements. • Facilitation and capture of open discussion. • Facilitation of quiz review. • Facilitation and capture of requests and agreements. • Close-out meeting and discussion.

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